It’s Nearly Wedding Season… What Should You Wear?

With the start of wedding season simply weeks away i believed this was a decent time to relinquish some tips and recommendation to assist you set along some killer outfits for these joyous celebrations. As is usually the case with fashion, age may be a issue once deciding what to wear… but, you’ll be shocked however so much down on the list that thought is.


There square measure six dress codes some may favor to have for his or her wedding guests. to know every of those i’m mistreatment info found on invites by dawn’s web site.

Dress Codes – What to Wear

  1. Casual – casual dress suited to the season
  2. Cocktail Attire/Semi-formal/Dressy Casual – frock
  3. Themed apparel – Determined by the couple (See #5 Vintage below)
  4. Formal Attire/Black Tie nonobligatory – floor length dress or evening pant suit
  5. Black Tie – formal robe
  6. White Tie – full length dance hall robe

If there’s a code that may slim down your choices, however there’s still area for a great deal of imagination! If there’s no code, you’ll be able to march on to consecutive thought.

SECOND CONSIDERATION: Wedding Theme or vogue

There square measure several themes/styles however i will be able to mention the eight most typical. Understanding the theme/style will assist you decide what to wear if the invite doesn’t have a code.

Theme/Style (ranked most formal to most casual) – Suggestions of What to Wear

  1. Classic or ancient – frock to Full Length robe
  2. modern or Elegant – frock or Wide-Leg garment
  3. Romantic or Backyard/Vineyard – frock or Wide-Leg garment
  4. Industrial galvanized – Any of the higher than
  5. Vintage – supported the time the couple chooses
  6. Rustic or Country – Sundresses, Full-Length Casual Dresses or Jeans and a Lacy shirt
  7. Beach – Sundresses, Full-Length Casual Dresses, bathing suit w/Sarong

Your prospects square measure endless – use these suggestions to induce your artistic juices flowing.


A general rule of thumb is that the apparel gets a bit a lot of formal because the day progresses into evening.

Now you’re ready to slim it down even a lot of and start really wondering the main points of the clothes at the side of commencing to place along concepts for the accessories.

FOURTH CONSIDERATION: Adjusting for Inclement Weather

Whatever outfit you select to wear make certain to own a secondary selection prepared ought to the weather flip foul, or have a throw or scarf… even a trendy umbrella to assist you weather the weather!

FIFTH CONSIDERATION: What square measure the marriage Color(s)

If you recognize the colours the couple have chosen for his or her wedding you would possibly favor to wear one thing that pairs well with those. Generally, you do not wish to precisely match the colours if you’re not a part of the marriage party. However, one thing many shades lighter or darker than one among the colours or a straightforward pattern that has one or a lot of of the colours in it square measure each smart decisions.

SIXTH CONSIDERATION: What does one Look Best In

This one may be a bit tough, as a result of though you wish to seem your best, you want to ne’er upstage the bride or the bridesmaids. this can be the bride’s day to shine and her bridesmaids along with her, therefore contemplate what appearance best on you so modify it some. that would mean that rather than carrying a dress that’s each form-fitting and extremely short with high heels, you select either a form-fitting simply higher than the ginglymus dress and any heel OR a touch looser fitting dress that’s short with killer high heels. Another example would be rather than carrying a low-cut, shoulders-out garment you may wear a touch higher neck with the rear cut low. The modifications square measure endless…

DON’T skip this thought. it’ll keep you from being the one most are gossipmongering regarding behind your back at the marriage and for weeks once.


This is not a decent issue for my younger readers and a nasty issue for the older ones. Again, it’s regarding modifications. you wish to seem fashionable whereas being age applicable. Those of you UN agency square measure younger have a lot of choices, though i might admonish ALL of you, despite your age, to check yourself closely during a multilateral mirror standing, sitting, walking and leaning over! The word modest means that to point out grace to the observer which ought to be your goal once attending a marriage. you are doing not wish to be a distraction to the other guests or anyone within the party. Those folks UN agency square measure older ought to pay even longer wondering associate degreed learning what we glance like in an outfit… despite however gorgeous it should get on the hanger or mannequin. As we tend to age we are able to lose sight (or generally favor to lose sight) of what our consumer goods seems like on US from totally different angles and in numerous body positions. Show no mercy to any outfit that doesn’t look its best at each angle and in all and sundry position. do not wear one thing that you simply can regret later. continually err on the aspect of a lot of classic items.

A Good Rule of Thumb for those folks UN agency square measure sufficiently old to be the couples parents:

Pair classic items with one or 2 fashionable items


Accessories square measure what build garments/pieces of consumer goods into outfits. ne’er underestimate the facility of accessories. Here square measure some things to assist you create nice decisions.

  1. Weddings don’t seem to be the simplest place to wear outsized jewellery nor brilliantly coloured jewellery.

a. select earrings, bracelets and necklaces that square measure a lot of moderate in size

b. items that square measure largely metal with bits of color and bling square measure best

  1. build either your jewellery or your shoes/purse/belts/outer-wear the most focus… not all the higher than.
  2. select shoes which will snug for hours of standing and diversion OR bring on another comfortable combine for diversion that compliments your outfit and square measure in nice form.

My husband and that i have 2 weddings to attend this summer. One may be a rustic wedding and therefore the different ancient, therefore i buy to decide on 2 terribly {different|totally totally different|completely different} outfits in numerous colours with different accessories… a number of that I have already got in my closet and a few i will be able to ought to purchase. i’m already building concepts for what i will be able to wear each of these days supported everything I actually have written here.

So, i will be able to leave you currently to your own artistic juices. ENJOY!

Carin Hansen has been serving to ladies, of all ages, look their best through articles, blogs, books, seminars and workshops for a lot of of her life. Her natural talent for combining color, consumer goods designs and body sorts permits her to form a private fashion signature for every shopper. Carin is additionally associate degree player, model and tiny business owner UN agency may be a passionate advocate for those traveling through cancer. As a cancer survivor for nearly twenty five years, Carin is incredibly aware that each day on earth may be a gift from God – to not be wasted. In Carin’s book titled “A Woman’s Cancer Journey Primer” she shares her cancer story at the side of recommendation on the way to manage several of the health and wonder challenges ladies face on their cancer journeys. Please visit Carin’s web site to book her for a training session or a speaking engagement. additionally check up on her diary at for religious insight on the challenges of life.