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We’re close to repaint the room and I’m disquieted regarding the fumes. will they hurt me? Any thanks to get eliminate them?


Every time you pry open a will of paint, you unharness vapors called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. These compounds will cause nausea, dizziness, and headaches—and additionally cancer and liver injury. Some paints area unit tagged “low VOC” or perhaps “zero VOC,” however that simply means that the compounds area unit decreased . “There’s no such factor as VOC-free paint,” says air quality scientist Bud Offermann. and lots of VOCs in paint have not been studied for safety. the best solution? Ventilation. shut the door of the area that the fumes don’t unfold, Offermann says. Then set a box fan in Associate in Nursing open window to suck the air and fumes out till no sturdy paint odors stay.

Is tea even as sensible on behalf of me because the hot stuff?


Not quite. “Tea’s healthy advantages return from its flavonoids,” says Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D., of the Tufts Antioxidants lab. “Freshly brewed tea contains a lot of of those natural compounds than tea, that is typically brewed weak and diluted by ice.” to spice up flavonoids, attempt production your tea double strength. Or, if you’re treating yourself to frozen dessert, opt for the tea flavor. folks in Associate in Nursing Italian study WHO Greek deity “natural inhibitor ice cream” (a mixture of dark chocolate and hazelnut and tea extracts) had higher tube perform subsequently than people who Greek deity the sugarless chocolate flavor.

My hair is brown, however after I grow out my beard, it’s sort of a bungled dye job. Why is my beard a rather totally different color than my hair?


Think of your hair follicles as pixels on a TV screen. Those follicles manufacture hair pigments known as eumelanin (a combination of blond, brown, and black) and pheomelanin (red). however counting on your genes, the mixtures will vary, that explains those random red hairs and dark patches.

“Your genes ultimately management hair color on each a part of your body,” says married woman Millar, M.D., a prof of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. “Scientists aren’t positive why the patterns kind the manner they are doing, however we all know that varied hair color is incredibly common.” It’s therefore common that the majority men embrace their lack of color uniformity. however if you would like a a lot of solid look, attempt taking your beard all the way down to rear, says Dr. Millar. The shorter hair can reveal less color. Not willing to provide up the length? attempt a delicate, brush-in hair color. we tend to like only for Men hair & Beard.

Burpees beat Pine Tree State down. Why do they suck therefore much?


Well, the move (a arm exercise, squat, and jump drill dance band named for its artificer, Royal H. Burpee) works your whole body. And it tricks you into killing yourself. That intense, total-body challenge sends your rate into the layer and crushes your spirit. “The biggest issue with burpees is that the majority folks can’t realize the individual elements with sensible technique,” says politico Kechijian, D.P.T., of Resilient Performance therapy in the big apple town. Work on perfecting your kind within the components that compose the burpee—like squats and pushups—and build your cardio endurance with the stationary bike or interval coaching.

Are the nitrates and nitrites in food giving Pine Tree State cancer?


No recent studies have shown a tried affiliation between cheap levels of nitrate or group intake and cancer. In fact, you really wish nitrates and nitrites additional to your food—they cut back your risk of catching foodborne sicknesses, like food poisoning, which may be deadly. That said, intense terribly high levels of nitrates and nitrites, that area unit usually found in store meats, is also dangerous, in line with the yank Cancer Society. Limit your intake of processed meats to 2 servings every week.

When I use my sleeptracking app, my phone is next to my pillow. Is it reaching to cook my brain?

DAVIS, capital of Arkansas, AR

Don’t lose stay over it. At night, your phone is perhaps in standby mode, having short and rare contact with its network, says Anke reformist, Ph.D., Associate in Nursing environmental medical scientist at city University within the The Netherlands. Less time with the network means that less of the electromagnetic wave folks et.

Organic fruits and vegetables area unit valuable. Tell Pine Tree State that organic foods I will skip.


Maybe switch stores, for starters. Not all organic manufacture is that dear. At most, organic bananas price thirty seven cents a lot of per pound than nonorganic, in line with a 2015 shopper Reports study. Organic apples? Sixty cents a lot of. And don’t suppose a nonorganic banana is ok as a result of you’ll peel it, says Sonya Lunder of the Environmental unit. “They’re heavily treated with pesticides, and that’s a priority for the land and therefore the staff.” Even the flesh of some manufacture you peel should still contain pesticides, Lunder says. At the terribly least, it’s knowing go organic once shopping for one among the EWG’s Dirty Dozen: strawberries, apples, nectarines, peaches, celery, grapes, cherries, spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers.
worry regarding. The exposure is incredibly tiny, “especially compared to a call,” reformist says. not like x-ray radiation, which may injury human cells, the results of radiation from cellphones aren’t wholly understood. however some studies recommend that it’d injury cells once prolonged contact. therefore if you pay most of your day together with your phone ironed to your ear, switch to a Bluetooth telephone receiver. It minimizes the results of a cellphone’s magnetic attraction field, suggests analysis revealed within the journal The medical instrument.

Is juice with pulp higher on behalf of me than the no-pulp stuff?

PETER, Bakersfield, CA

Nope. You’d suppose a lot of pulp means that a lot of good things, right? check up on the nutrition panels of Minute Maid No Pulp and a few Pulp fruit juice and you’ll see that the 2 have precisely the same ingredients, says MH nutrition authority microphone Roussell, Ph.D. whereas a 2015 Spanish study found that pulp might increase a drink’s inhibitor content, it’s therefore marginal that switch wouldn’t build abundant distinction.

Sometimes I’m therefore tumid I desire I’ll pop—even once I didn’t eat that abundant. What’s going on?


Bloating makes your belly desire a water balloon, and once it’s inflated, you have got abdominal distension. “Men and girls each feel tumid every now and then, however ladies area unit a lot of doubtless to expertise bloating with distension,” says sculpturer Chang Jiang, M.D., a prof of drugs at UCLA.

While bloating is usually the results of deadly sin, it may be triggered by specific foods. for instance, once your gut bacterium break down extremely possible grub like cabbage or cauliflower, gas is made that distends your intestines. Then the muscles in your abdomen wall relax to ease pressure, and your belly puffs out. As for that huge belly once drinking beer? That’s most likely from drinking a lot of suds than your intestines will process—not from bloating. to stop bloating, attempt drinking lots of water. If you have got severe pain or area unit inborn reflex, see a doctor. that may typically signal one thing serious, sort of a viscus obstruction.


It’s lotion for your nostrils, Associate in Nursingd your beak can welcome the things like an first love. That’s as a result of saline nasal spray encompasses a salt concentration kind of like that of your secretion. therefore it soothes and moisturizes the fragile skin within your nose and helps flush the snot out. this may assist you breathe easier if you have got a sinus infection, congestion, a cold, or simply crusty nostrils, says William Schaffner, M.D., a prof of practice of medicine at altruist University middle.

Saline spray has another benefit: It protects the small blood vessels within your nose, which may rupture and cause nosebleeds once dry. If you don’t have nasal problems, you’ll still take pleasure in the cheapskate’s humidifier: Set a cup of water in your room in the dark to assist keep your nose moisturized. “Some water can evaporate, that the heated air won’t be therefore drying,” says Dr. Schaffner.